Sunday, April 15, 2007


How about those phenomenol charts by the Trading Goddess? Wow!!!!

I tried to do a post here last night, but StockCharts was down for maintenance. I hope that the Ragin' Cajun has time for one more guest blogger. This was a good idea to have a bunch of guest bloggers stop by and post. I have to say I like the communal blogger approach.

The Fly had asked me last week to look at Aluminum. It would have been nice to post this on his blog, but it seems he has had another "guest weekend blogger" and yet again, "Breakfast Taco" has imploded from the pressure of doing his weekend spot. What a slave-driver. So anyway, I'll post the chart here.

This is a 3 year weekly chart of Aluminum. For those of you used to looking at these patterns, you'll quickly notice that Aluminum looks to make a move sometime soon. Which direction it moves is anyone's guess, but I'll guess it goes up. If you are holding any positions that are sensitive to the price of Aluminum, you may keep a close eye on $ALUM over the next few weeks.
Thanks again to Ragin' Cajun for inviting all these guest bloggers!

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Thanks for the post Woody!