Thursday, March 1, 2007

Short ETF's

Here is a list of ETS's that allow you to take advantage of the market's decline:
  • 2x Short Semi (SSG)
  • 2x Short Tech (REW)
  • 2x Short Utilities (SDP)
  • 2x Short Oil and Gas (DUG)
  • 2x Short Real Estate (SRS)
  • 2x Short Industrials (SIJ)
  • 2x Short Healthcare (RXD)
  • 2x Short Financial (SKF)
  • 2x Short Consumer Service (SCC)
  • 2x Short Consumer Goods (SZK)
  • 2x Short Basic Materials (SMN)
Short Index:
  • 2x Short the NASDAQ-100 (QID)
  • 2x Short the S&P 500 (SDS)
  • 2x Short the S&P MidCap (MZZ)
  • 2x Short the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DXD)


TradingGoddess said...

And if one were a "long", would your opinion be that they sell their positions at a loss, and turn around and buy these?

And, yes, I am asking for your honest opinion here.

Thanks in advance.

IIO said...

Maybe I just need to get used to it, but those things seem so counter-intuitive. If you believe the market is going down, why not just short QLD instead of buying QID? Also, I think I once heard that its better to do this because the ETF fees are in your favor. Any opinion?

Ragin' Cajun said...

TG, I would not sell my positions, I think the market is in good shape. We are just experiencing a pullback witch is healthy for a bull market. I have listed the ETF's as a short term way to profit from any decline. If you are an investor, which I know you are, I would not sell!

Ragin' Cajun said...

iio, I don't think there are any fees associated with these ETF's, they work just like stocks, but let me double check.