Friday, March 2, 2007

Contest Update

2007 Stock of the Year, I added a new feature on this list - percent change from the closing price of last Friday. There is not one stock that is up up over last week! There are a lot of good names, and given a greater market pullback, there could be some great opportunities to buy these companies on the cheap. Here are some one week decliners that I will be watching closely to buy:
Keep in mind that the percent change is for 1 week! If we get another week like this, there will be plenty of opportunity to pick up some good stocks cheap!

Note: I lost my original data when my history was erased. Who picked MSPD? Jeremy, do you have a blog?


Anonymous said...

I choose MSPD....I submitted under anonymous....and remain that way. MSPD was just up-graded as well but the current market go in the way of its rise. Should resume after dust settles.

Anonymous said...

For a minute I thought this was a shorting competition!