Thursday, March 29, 2007

6 for Tomorrow

If time permits, I will be watching Clearwater (CLWR) and Volcano (VOLC) for possible day trades using the same 15 minute candlestick system that Trader-X so eloquently explains on his site. These stocks should gap up on Cramer recommendation, I will look for a pull-back and then a move past the opening range for my entry point.

I will be watching these too: GMarket (GMKT), Brazil Airline (GOL) and Ameritrade (AMTD).

In other news, I just received my first check for Ad Revenue, $161.17, I will use that check to buy stocks. I will keep a good record of the money generated from the stocks I buy and see how much money I can make with $160 bucks. I got the idea from Ugly, who is doing the same thing with a paper clip, he is trying to trade a blue paper clip into this (notice the blue paper clip on his site). The first stock I will trade will be NTRI. I plan to buy 3 shares for around 150 tomorrow. I will keep my readers updated with my results, this should be fun!

Note: From The FlyBroker - "I am hearing good things about NTRI, regarding the quarter and rumors of LBO interest. Either way, I want to buy the stock, all quarter long. My goal is to have a nice position in place, prior to the next quarterly earnings announcement. After all, the fat fuckers want to lose weight. NTRI sends food to their house. Who's better than them?"

Note II: I found a new blog, Pinoy Trader, he does a good job at ploting entry points using technical analysis. Check him out!

ps. Don't forget CLWR and VOLC tomorrow.

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Bullish Jim said...

Pinoy is one of my favorite day trader bloggers. Very sharp guy. He used to post his P&L in $ each day and it suffices to say that he is swinging a big stick.